Through the experience and knowledge of our staff, SPPI provides the unique combination of an understanding of the requirements of major programs and projects while maintaining the dynamic response and flexibility of a small business.

We can support you with rapid response to changes, whether it be a specification change, a short timescale quotation, or an emergency shipment.

The key people at SPPI have extensive experience of contracting, sub-contracting, procurement and program management principles, standards, techniques and Quality requirements, both in Europe and the USA.

We are positioned to provide you with a presence in and direct access to the US marketplace.

Our Objective

Our objective is to give you the lowest cost solution possible, commensurate with on-time delivery and quality requirements

  • From a single item to a complete bill of materials
  • Products from hundreds of US manufacturers including all the major companies

Utilizing SPPI allows you to:

  • Significantly reduce your supplier base
  • Get closer to the source
  • Maintain greater control over material flow
  • Minimize overall cost of acquisition
  • Reduce risks
  • Improve information flow and communication.

Customer Structured Trading

If you have special needs or requirements, we can accommodate you.

We call it "Customer Structured Trading". This means that you, the Customer, can decide how best to utilize SPPI's services and we will structure a plan of operation to suit your needs.

You can have the benefits that a US Procurement base can provide, without the expenses, logistics, personnel, legal and other costs and risks involved in having your own operation. Treat us as your partner and the options are many.

We are open to proposals ranging from a traditional buy-sell arrangement through to a fully transparent commercial plan where an "open book" policy prevails along with direct involvement of customer personnel alongside SPPI in the US Market.

If you have a significant requirements list you may wish to to see the actual material costs and agree fixed margins, or perhaps you wish to have your personnel work alongside SPPI, whatever the mix, talk to us. We have an efficient and cost effective solution.

Personal Attention

We welcome your e-mail correspondence which will receive the immediate personal attention of a member of our staff.

However, we have not forgotten the value and importance of direct person-to-person communication. When you call SPPI during our business hours a person, not a complicated menu, will pick up the phone!!